Laura Lawson Visconti

The Creative Unconscious: What's your name, age, and professional title? Where are you currently employed?

Laura Lawson Visconti: Laura Lawson Visconti, 28 years old, Certified Personal Trainer // Social Media Influencer // Photographer + Artist + Author, Self Employed

TCU: What hobbies do you have outside of your professional field that keep you inspired and motivated to generate personal work? How do they inspire you?

LLV: Well, as you can see above, my "professional field" is quite varied --haha! I'm always redefining that very muddy line between hobby and professional... I can't seem to keep the two separate. My day job is as a personal trainer in downtown Portland, Oregon. I love it. But I often travel for photo work, as well as write articles for nonprofits. I published my first book a few years back, a short ebook called Believing is Seeing, which chronicles my journey as a visually impaired artist. Also, my husband and I are planning on opening a specialty coffee roastery in the next year. My latest goal has been to learn graphic design. My life is a constant juggling act! I am very, very happy and blessed.

TCU: Do you have a hard time balancing being a creative professional and generating personal work that you're proud of?

LLV: With painting, which has been my medium of choice ever since I was little, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. With everything else, no. I find ways to express myself and in that authenticity, I find random jobs here and there that generate income. My latest gig was with Alaska Airlines, helping promote their new nonstop flights. I was sent to Puerto Vallarta on a solo adventure, documenting everything along the way. I find that the more authentic my expressionistic work is, the more it attracts others. But then again, it's not like I'm trying to say anything too extreme --basically get out there and enjoy life to the fullest! I think that's a message that resonates with a lot of people.

TCU: What time of day do you feel the most creative? What about the most productive?

LLV: By far, the mornings. I used to be a night owl but as I've gotten older I have fallen in love with the morning ritual of making coffee, reading my Bible, doing some yoga, and creating in the morning. It's been proven that our brains are the most active and fire the best in the morning as well.

TCU: What are your creative goals for the future?

LLV: So, so many. Open a coffee roaster within the next year. Move to Lake Tahoe. Have a baby (shhhhh, don't tell my husband). Create as much as possible. Put on art shows... not as a source of income, but as a source of community. But mostly, these days I'm way more focused on living in the present rather than getting caught up in goals and 5 year plans. I think as artists, oftentimes we can get way too engrossed in our plans for the future rather than enjoying the right now. That's actually my goal these days... enjoy the present.

TCU: Are you working on any personal projects right now? If so, can you share a little bit about your inspiration and your creative process?

LLV: As mentioned above, my husband and I are currently preparing to move to Lake Tahoe to open a coffee roastery next year. This will be my main focus for awhile. You can stay up-to-date with all my projects, both personal and professional, on my blog at

TCU: What scares you?

LLV: Not making the most of every day. Being sterile. When I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa five years ago while attending art school, a very rare eye disease that's slowly rendering me blind, my life felt very stuck. It has been this disease, and my subsequent reliant faith in God, that has propelled a massive lifestyle change these past few years. All I want to do is connect with people and see the world. As cliche as it sounds, that really is my passion. Sometimes cliches are cliches for a reason. :)

TCU: What does success mean to you?

LLV: Being happy and satisfied with where you're at right now, not where you want to be or might be in the future. Being surrounded by friends and family. Choosing where you want to live and finding a way to make a living there. Success has very little to do with being famous on Instagram... believe me, I know. ;)

TCU: Anything else you want to add?

LLV: My favorite Bible verse is 2nd Corinthians 5:7: "We walk by faith not by sight." This is the mantra I cling to in my day to day life. The future is always unknown. Focus on the present... trust God, enjoy life... and take risk.

As Laura mentioned, you can keep up with her over on her blog,, or follow her on Instagram @lauralawsonvisconti.