Andrew Saeger

The Creative Unconscious: What's your name, age, and professional title? Where are you currently employed?

Andrew Saeger: Andrew Saeger, 37, Illustrator/Designer at Factory 43 (purveyor of graphic goods)

TCU: What hobbies do you have outside of your professional field that keep you inspired and motivated to generate personal work? How do they inspire you?

AS: I love taking my dog, Smithers, to the park to play frisbee. I tend to draw inspiration from all over - so really just taking a break from the computer or drawing table, clearing my mind, and getting out and observing. Plus the sunsets on Elliott Bay are pretty spectacular.

TCU: Do you have a hard time balancing being a creative professional and generating personal work that you're proud of?

AS: I quit my agency job this year in order to focus on Factory 43. So my personal and professional work overlap more than they used to, but managing the business side, selling at shows, and client work still make it a challenge. It helps to carve out and set aside time in my schedule for my own illustration projects.

TCU: What time of day do you feel the most creative? What about the most productive?

AS: Maybe it's a carryover from school or from working on projects all night when I still had a day job, but evenings and late nights still seem to be my most productive time. That and whenever a deadline looms - then there's no time to second-guess myself or surf the internet.

TCU: What are your creative goals for the future?

AS: Just to continue creating work that I love. Hopefully that means growing Factory 43, perhaps getting a studio or an actual storefront at some point, and illustrating a children's book.

TCU: Are you working on any personal projects right now? If so, can you share a little bit about your inspiration and your creative process?

AS: I'm starting to think about winter shows and brainstorming some holiday cards. We have our own Heidelberg windmill letterpress that is awaiting its annual workout.

TCU: What scares you?

AS: Having to get a real job again.

TCU: Anything else you want to add?

AS: I feel pretty lucky to get to do this for a living.

You can see more of Andrew's design and illustration work over at or at