Kim Kogane

The Creative Unconscious: What's your name, age, and professional title? Where are you currently employed?

Kim Kogane: Kim Kogane, 29, Founder/Owner of Fresh Tangerine

TCU: What hobbies do you have outside of your professional field that keep you inspired and motivated to generate personal work? How do they inspire you?

KK: I grew up always crafting, and that's how I originally got into making jewelry. I don't really have as much time for crafts now, but I love watching home renovation shows, and researching interior design. I'm a very visual person, and it's important to me to be in a space that I find inspiring. I think it would be fun to flip or renovate a house someday.

TCU: Do you have a hard time balancing being a creative professional and generating personal work that you're proud of?

KK: There are times when I feel creative burnout. It's difficult to generate inspiring work all of the time. Most of my creativity is focused on my business at the moment.

TCU: What time of day do you feel the most creative? What about the most productive?

KK: I'm such a night owl. I feel most productive and focused in the evenings, and usually feel most creative around 2am. For a while, I kept a journal under my pillow because I kept waking up in the middle of the night with ideas.

TCU: What are your creative goals for the future?

KK: I want to continue to grow Fresh Tangerine and really develop the brand into an all-encompassing creative studio. I would love to offer more workshops, and help foster the creative community in Seattle.


TCU: Are you working on any personal projects right now? If so, can you share a little bit about your inspiration and your creative process?

KK: I've been working on rebranding my business. It's been fun to treat my business as a separate client and work as the designer. There's so much storytelling involved in branding, so I spent quite a long time thinking about who the Fresh Tangerine girl is. I had a lot of fun coming up with a story and creating mood boards.

TCU: What scares you?

KK: Heights, monkeys and becoming stuck in a certain way of life. I'm a curious person and am always trying to push myself to step out of my comfort zone.

TCU: What does success mean to you?

KK: Success to me means living a life that I find fulfilling and where I get to pursue things that I'm most passionate about.

TCU: Anything else you want to add?

KK: "Surrender to change and the unknown." It's human nature to fight change, but change is also a necessary and constant part of life. Personally, I find that if I can somehow embrace transitions instead of fighting them, I become more at peace and WAY less stressed. It's funny because change has brought some of the best things into my life, and yet I continue to resist it.


Check out the Fresh Tangerine site to ogle more of Kim's beautiful jewelry and find out more about the Fresh Tangerine crew: