Kris Orlowski

The Creative Unconscious: What's your name, age, and professional title? Where are you currently employed?

Kris Orlowski: Kris Orlowski, 33, Songwriter and Touring Artist. Myself.

TCU: What hobbies do you have outside of your professional field that keep you inspired and motivated to generate personal work? How do they inspire you?

KO: That's a great question. I like to hit the gym a couple times of weeks. Staying in shape keeps me feeling present and a bit sharper. I also like to read, and one of my favorite place to find out what's happening is a place called medium. It's a place where everyone goes to self publish their thoughts like a blog. The difference is that all the blogs are in one place and they have a really great curation image so the cream rises to the top. Hearing what everyday people and thought leaders are saying -- instead of reading about the Kardashians, fills my cup.

TCU: Do you have a hard time balancing being a creative professional and generating personal work that you're proud of?

KO: Maintaining balance is a never ending challenge -- trying to find the perfect pattern of yes's and no's. Finding space to recover between the more manic days feels like one of my secrets. I think it has something to do with being introverted. One of my favorite quotes is from Dr. Seuss - “Step with care and great tact, and remember that Life's a Great Balancing Act”. 

TCU: What time of day do you feel the most creative? What about the most productive?

KO: Late at night and first thing in the morning are the best times for me. When things are calm and people are relaxing, I'm often doing some of my best work. Though often times I've been writing songs in the middle of the day. So it can depend on my routine and the people that I'm working iwth in terms of when I'm actually doing the work. Routine can play a really important role in how creative I am.

TCU: What are your creative goals for the future?

KO: I want to continue to support myself and eventually a family with a more “creative” or artistic career where I'm expressing myself through songs, performances or helping amplify other people's ideas through my lens.

TCU: Are you working on any personal projects right now? If so, can you share a little bit about your inspiration and your creative process?

KO: I'm not sure I understand what you mean by personal projects. The lines between personal and professional are a little blurred for me at the moment. Since my band, my songwriting career and other collaborations are under my name, it's sometimes hard to figure out where Kris the guy in Seattle stops and where Kris the songwriter starts.

TCU: What scares you?

KO: Writers block
The Unknown
My mind slipping
Feeling undervalue
Not being able to support my family.

TCU: What does success mean to you?

KO: It depends on the day. When I zoom out, I feel like I'm actually feeling pretty successful -- getting to play and write songs, try new things, getting ready to put out this next album. Sometimes I feel like I get lost in comparing myself to others. As soon as I start looking at how I measure up, success can feel like a mystery. 

TCU: Anything else you want to add?

KO: Being a creative person can mean so many different things. I love to create and it feels like a real luxury to be able to use our minds to express, put our spin on an idea, or create something out of what seemingly feels like nothing. Getting to that place often means wearing many hats, hats you may have never tried or have to save up to own. I think people forget the work that goes in to perfecting their craft and doing what it takes to make sure that it gets out into the world. 


You can head on over to to find out more about Kris, hear more of his music, and to learn about his new album. Kris also wrote an e-book on co-writing, which you can download here.