Manatee Commune: Clay - New Single

May feature, musician Grant Eadie, aka Manatee Commune has a new single headed your way tomorrow, November 6 via NYC label, Bastard Jazz! Clay features dreamy vocals by Marina Price and a really, for lack of a better word, lighthearted beat. Give it a listen now over on Stereogum.

"Manatee Commune, AKA Grant Eadie, infuses his beats with the lush sounds of the Pacific Northwest landscape that surrounds his native Bellingham. Clattering drums hum alongside the chatter of birds, the trickle of rain, and the billowing of wind chimes, creating gorgeous soundscapes that could score future episodes of Planet Earth. On his newest release, "Clay", Eadie's pop sensibility shines through, showcasing his bright and compact production. Marina Price lends her smooth, smoky vocals to yet another Manatee Commune track that is bound to invoke the nostalgia of a youthful summer dream."

Meghan HoleComment