Seeking Orcas by Kayak with Laura Lawson Visconti, Natalie Wall and Victoria Wright

August feature, Laura Lawson Visconti, is setting off on an adventure through the San Juan Islands of Washington and Alaska, along with two other West Coast Instagrammers, Natalie Wall and Victoria Wright, in search of Orcas. Laura says, "The best part of adventure in general is telling the story alongside inspiring people, and this trip is no different. It's one thing to go on a kayak adventure through Alaska, it's another to do so in search of orcas, and it's a whole other ballgame when a group of kickass women are by your side. This isn't just a kitschy Instagram trip—we look forward to learning more about orcas and how they interact in the wild and inspiring our west coast fans to think outside the box when planning their adventures this summer." 

Follow along with @lauralawsonvisconti, @nataliewall and @veekster for more insight into this incredible adventure.



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