An Update

Hey guys!

Meghan here (founder of this little project). Sorry for the radio silence the last few months—it's been a busy spring and summer with a few pretty big personal changes. I'm fully enjoying summer in the PNW and making an effort to slow down and focus on personal growth alongside my professional career. So where does that leave The Creative Unconscious? This project is by no means over—I still have plenty of interviews to share—I just needed to take some time to reset and reevaluate the goals of this project. Maybe it will continue being an interview-based blog, maybe I'll be looking to add another contributor to the team, maybe this will evolve into something else altogether.

Whatever happens, I'll be back soon with new content. Until then, thanks for hanging in there with me and if you have any ideas or suggestions on where you'd like to see TCU evolve and how to get there, please reach out.


Meghan HoleComment